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TransCanada Keystone Pipeline Spills Over 200,000 Gallons Of Oil In South Dakota

On Thursday morning TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline reportedly spilled 210,000 gallons of oil in Marshall County, South Dakota The leak was detected around 5:45 am after TransCanada noticed a loss of pressure According to the company, the spill was “completely isolated” within fifteen minutes The massive spill comes as TransCanada awaits approval for the Keystone XL from Nebraska As TransCanada waits ...

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51-year-old Shirlena Barnes faces jail time for a Facebook post.

Shirlena Barnes faces serious charges after making a post on her Facebook. Marion County State‚Äôs Attorney Matt Wilzbach claims that Barnes was threatening an officer and his child. Barnes only referred to the person in her post as ‘Mike.’ Barnes could face up to 25-years in jail if convicted. A 51-year-old woman in Marion County is facing absurd charges after ...

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