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House Joint Resolution 69 aims to allow the killing of hibernating bears and wolf pups on Alaskan federal refuges

House Joint Resolution 69 passes House vote threatening the lives of all animals on 76 million acres of Alaskan federal refuges The resolution would allow the killing of black bear cubs and mothers with cubs at the den It would be allowed for wolves and coyotes to be killed during denning season The use of barbaric steel-jaw and strangulation neck ...

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Did Thomas McCreary kill beloved ‘Pedals’ the Bear?

Those angry about the death of Pedals have been relentlessly attacking Thomas McCreary. At this time it is not confirmed that Pedals has been killed, or who the hunter is responsible. Due to injured and missing front paws, the bipedal bear preferred to walk on his hind legs, earning him the name Pedals. Pedals became a viral sensation in 2014. ...

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