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Devyn Holmes Shot On Facebook LIVE By Cassandra Damper

Devyn Holmes¬† remains on life support after being accidentally shot by Cassandra Damper on Facebook LIVE early Easter morning Houston police received a call about a shooting at a Valero at 2:25 am on April 1 Holmes was taken to Ben Taub Hospital in serious condition Damper was booked and charged with¬†tampering or fabricating evidence Disturbing videos appearing on Facebook’s ...

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What Exactly Did Former President Barack Obama Do For Hurricane Katrina Victims

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey many are asking where exactly former President Barack Obama was during Hurricane Katrina Social media posts have claimed that Obama did little to nothing for the victims of Katrina Katrina occurred in 2005 roughly three years before Obama began his presidency There are questions where President Donald Trump’s $1 million donation will be coming ...

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