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MAGABomber Suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr Twitter Account Suspended

MAGABomber suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr’s Twitter Account was suspended following his arrest on Friday Sayoc was arrested around 11:00 am in a shopping center in¬†Plantation Florida Officials say a fingerpring and DNA left on two of the packages led to the arrest Sayoc’s social media accounts were deleted following his arrest Social media users caught screenshots and recordings of ...

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Conspiracy Claims Democrats Are Behind The MAGABomber

Since the Trump administration took office, we have seen a growing animosity between Republicans, Democrats and mainstream media. On Wednesday the tension between the three spiked after pipe bombs were intercepted during delivery to major Democratic figures and CNN. The targets for the pipe bombs included former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, ...

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Why did the FBI close their investigation on Hillary Clinton so quickly

The FBI decided to end their investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal FBI Director James Comey announced Sunday that the FBI would not be pursuing an investigation against Clinton Comey made the decision to investigate after emails were discovered on Anthony Weiner’s computer that could have pertained to the mishandling of confidential information¬†by Clinton Weiner is under investigation after allegedly ...

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WikiLeaks email publication server under attack following DNC Leak #2

WikiLeaks under cyber-attack following release of DNC Leak #2 Newest emails claim Hillary Clinton was involved in the death of Vince Foster and Ron Brown WikiLeaks, Twitter, and 4chan have all had issues since the latest release of emails On Twitter WikiLeaks claimed their email publication server was victim of a targeted DoS attack The Hillary Clinton campaign has had ...

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Clinton campaign wanted to turn deadly Hesston, Kansas shooting into a “voting issue”

Emails show that the Clinton viewed a deadly shooting in Hesston, Kansas as an opportunity for a “voting issue” On February 25, 2016, Cedric Ford killed 3 people at Excel Industries and wounded 13 before being killed by police Iowa communications chief Lily Adams for the Clinton campaign saw the shooting as an opportunity for a “Gabby ad” The emails ...

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