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Video Of A Man Shooting Into Traffic Resurfaces Online

Viral video of a man shooting at a semi six times goes viral The video shows a man recording himself shooting at incoming traffic Six shots are fired at the passing semi The original video has over 260,000 views This week a video resurfaced on Facebook of what appears as a man pulling a hand gun out while on the ...

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Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Users Risk Losing Their Guns

Oklahoma medical cannabis users are threatened with losing their guns On Tuesday State Question 788 was passed a vote legalizing medicinal cannabis Federal law does not allow legal cannabis users to own a gun ATF recommends people figure out how to dispose of their weapons before receiving their medical cannabis card Just days after Oklahoma voters passed State Question 788 ...

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Honolulu Police Are Taking Medical Cannabis Patients’ Guns

Honolulu police mailed a letter on November 13, 2017, warning medical cannabis patients they have 30 days to turn over their guns The letter was signed by Honolulu Police Department Chief Susan Ballard Patients have the option of transferring ownership of their guns and ammunition over to the Honolulu PD or just turning them over The Honolulu Police Department are ...

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Robbers wore sheriff’s vests during home-invasion in Stockton.

Suspects in a home-invasion were wearing Sheriff vests. Stockton police are also missing a total of 17 weapons since 2010. Law enforcement agencies around the country have lost a high number of weapons obtained through the 1033 Program. The federal agencies appear to not be able to track the weapons they have been transferring to police departments. Police in Stockton, ...

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