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Is The Mayor Of Wichita Speaking At A Pro-ICE Rally On Saturday

Residents are curious if Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell will be speaking at a pro-ICE rally on Saturday A Facebook event has Longwell listed as one of the “tentative speakers” Other tentative speakers include Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay, Kris Kobach, Governor Jeff Colyer and several other officials The rally follows a week long protest against an ICE detainment center located ...

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Wichita Police Officer Dexter Betts Charged In Child Involved Shooting

Wichita Police Officer Dexter Betts has been charged for an on-duty shooting that occurred in December Betts fired his weapon twice at a mid-sized dog with four children in the room One of Betts’ bullets struck the floor and fragmented then hit a 9-year-old girl in the face with shrapnel Almost a month after the shooting Betts was fired from ...

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Wichita Activists Welcome NCAA With Andrew Finch Billboards

Four billboards around Wichita call for charges to be filed against the officer who shot and killed Andrew Finch on December 28 The four billboards were first spotted on Thursday afternoon around the city Wichita activists have called for the arrest of the officer responsible since the shooting occurred City officials refuse to comment on the alleged name of the ...

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