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Gab Founder Andrew Torba Receives Threats After Website Goes Down

The social media site Gab.ai claimed to be a place for freedom of speech, but during its short existence has received ridicule for giving the extreme right and white supremacists a place to spread their hate speech without the risk of bans or blocks. After 46-year-old Robert Bowers killed 11 people and injuring six others — including four law enforcement ...

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Meet the Daily Stormer’s Jewish Chief Technology Officer Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer

Meet the Daily Stormer’s self-claimed Jewish Chief of Technology Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer Auernheimer is known as a vital person in keeping the white supremacist outlet Daily Stormer online Before the Daily Stormer Auernheimer was known for his trolling on the Web In 2012 Auernheimer was sent to prison for a hack against AT&T When Auernheimer was released from prison he ...

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Google Joins Go Daddy Discord and LinkedIn In Shutting Down The Daily Stormer

Google has joined Go Daddy, Discord, and LinkedIn in shutting down the Daily Stormer and their associates Go Daddy announced on Sunday that they would no longer provide service to the Daily Stormer Google announced on Monday they cancelled the Daily Stormer’s registration on Monday Chief Technology Officer for Daily Stormer Andrew Auernheimer claimed on his Facebook LinkedIn and Discord ...

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