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Arrests made in Tampa, Florida for feeding the homeless

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Members of Tampa Food Not Bombs were arrested on Saturday while feeding the homeless In Tampa you must obtain a pricey permit to feed the homeless in a city park This is not the first time members of the group have been arrested The group says they will continue to feed the homeless and plan…

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Where is the long-lost suicide video of Christine Chubbuck

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Christine Chubbuck was a 29-year-old broadcaster working for a news station in Sarasota, Florida when she committed suicide on air in 1974 Rumors of the video of Chubbuck’s suicide being released online have appeared on the Web for years Two films were made in 2016 about Chubbuck Chubbuck’s brother says claims Christine had longstanding mental…

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A green light shines in the dark as four states legalize cannabis

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America makes huge step in ending the prohibition of cannabis California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all decided to move forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota all decided to move forward with medicinal cannabis Arizona voters went against the┬ádecision to legalize cannabis The country is torn over the results…

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What are the Mutant Response Vehicles spotted in Florida?

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What are the Mutant Response Vehicles spotted in Florida truck

Pictures went viral on Facebook showing two “Mutant Response Vehicles.” The vehicles were spotted in Longwood, Florida. The pictures of the vehicles lead to conspiracies all around the Web. The vehicles are said to be a part of Burning Man. Two viral pictures are freaking people out across the Web. The picture shows two “Mutant…

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Austin Harrouff reportedly ate a man’s face after killing him and his wife.

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Austin Harrouff reportedly ate a mans face after killing him and his wife

19-year-old murdered a couple in their garage and was found eating their faces. 19-year-old Austin Harrouff was eating dinner with his parents at a sports bar before the incident. Harrouff stabbed the neighbor five times when he tried to stop the attack. Police found Harrouff crouching over the male victim “grunting and growling” and “making…

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Orlando man arrested and charged for meth after police found Krispie Kreme Donut crumbs in his car.

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Orlando man charged with meth for having doughnut crumbs

Is there anything more terrifying than being arrested for a crime you did not commit? Meet 64-year-old Daniel Rushing. Rushing was arrested and charged with possession of meth after Orlando police found Krispie Kreme Donut crumbs in his car. On December 11, at roughly 1:00 pm, Rushing had just dropped off a neighbor for chemotherapy.…

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The reality of Florida’s Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.

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Florida Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act

Florida is about to join other medical cannabis friendly states by putting the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act into action. As many Floridians rejoice to have the opportunity to try medical cannabis, they may be slightly disappointed when they learn the details of the bill. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act was passed in 2014 and set…

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