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False Rumors Spread That Antifa Was Behind Devin Kelley And The Texas Church Shooting

Multiple media outlets wasted no time to start spreading misinformation about Sunday’s shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas that killed over two dozen churchgoers. Devin Patrick Kelley is identified as the person responsible for the shooting. Around 11:20 am, Kelley exited his vehicle and began opening fire from outside the church. Kelley entered the church and continued firing ...

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Was a cargo container full of “young black women” found in Savannah, Georgia

In late March a rumor began spreading that “young black women” were found in a cargo container in Savannah, Georgia The rumor was spread via a screenshot on social media There was no sources behind the claims on the image Department of Homeland Security and┬áSavannah Working Against Human Trafficking said the claim was unsubstantiated Towards the end of March, a ...

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