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Video Shows Jasmine Eiland Raped In Opera Atlanta On Facebook LIVE

A Facebook LIVE video from Eiland caught the moment she claims to have been raped inside the Atlanta OperaEiland said she was not allowed to delete the videos due to an investigationIn another Facebook LIVE Eiland says they found her attacker In the middle of what appears to be a busy nightclub, Jasmine Eiland captured the horrifying moment she was raped on ...

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Jorge Leon-Alfaro Caught Trying To Film A 12-Year-old Girl At Rue 21

Doris Stiles-Scown confronted 36-year-old Jorge Leon-Alfaro for trying to look at her 12-year-old daughter in a dressing room at Rue 21 Stiles-Scown chased Leon-Alfaro into the parking lot where others helped to detain him After catching him Stiles-Scown started a Facebook LIVE video Salt Lake City Police say Leon-Alfaro was trying to film the young girl A disturbing video taken in ...

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Sgt Charles “Brad” Mick Fired For Crossing The Blue Line

New Holland police Sgt. Charles “Brad” Mick fired after charging the mayor and police chief for a forgery scheme A witness claimed that Chief David Conrad forged former Chief Jason Lawless’ signature Lawless was in Alabama the day he supposedly signed the document Mick was fired on the spot after serving Conrad Two of the best law firms in the state ...

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Facebook LIVE Shows Volatile Scene After Toledo Police Kill Teenager

Viral Facebook LIVE videos show the aftermath following a fatal Toledo Police Shooting involving a teenage boy Witnesses claim officer shot the boy in the back as he was running from officers Maserati MikeGoldz Facebook LIVE videos have received hundreds of thousands of views Toledo Police Department confirmed an officer-involved-shooting A series of viral Facebook LIVE videos show the aftermath ...

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Devyn Holmes Shot On Facebook LIVE By Cassandra Damper

Devyn Holmes  remains on life support after being accidentally shot by Cassandra Damper on Facebook LIVE early Easter morning Houston police received a call about a shooting at a Valero at 2:25 am on April 1 Holmes was taken to Ben Taub Hospital in serious condition Damper was booked and charged with tampering or fabricating evidence Disturbing videos appearing on Facebook’s ...

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Rumors Involving Kendra Shanice Reid And Porn Star Trazcy Kush Surround Facebook Video Of Black Woman Being Hung By White Supremacists

Rumors are spreading involving Kendra Shanice Reid and Porn Star Trazcy Kush after a video went viral on Facebook allegedly showing a black woman being hung by white supremacists People began saying the woman in the video is Reid who was found hanging in a park in April People also began saying Kush is the woman in the video which ...

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