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Arnold Schwarzenegger To Hold Big Oil Accountable For “Killing People All Over The World”

Arnold Schwarzenegger announces plan from SXSW to hold “Big Oil” accountable for knowingly “killing people all over the world” Schwarzenegger believes oil companies should be held responsible the same as “Big Tobacco”  During a podcast with POLITICO’s Off Message Schwarzenegger announced his plan to take oil companies to court The former California governor accused oil companies of being irresponsible and ...

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Apache Corporation uses local law enforcement to violate laws and arrest a drone pilot Chancellor Alex Glover-Herzog

Apache Corporation used the Reeves County Sheriff’s Department to arrest drone pilot Chancellor Alex Glover-Herzog for flying over “critical infrastructure” Glover-Herzog received to warnings for flying over private property Glover-Herzog was arrested after Reeves County Sheriff’s Department showed up at camp with a warrant According to the Patriot Act of 2001 the facilities Glover-Herzog are critical infrastructures Last week drone ...

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