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Go Fund Me For Jamal from Huddersfield Raises £150,000

A Go Fund Me campaign started by Mohammed Tahir for “Jamal from Huddersfield” has raised £147,890 Jamal is a Syrian refugee seen in a viral video being bullied by a bigger student In the video Jamal is held to the ground by his throat and waterboarded Mohammed claims the bullying has been going on for months for both Jamal and his sister ...

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Five Teens Arrested After Suffolk Flour And Egg Attack

Five teens have been arrested following an attack in Suffolk with flour and eggs against a woman in her 40’s The teens went viral after posting a picture with the woman covered in flour and eggs A sixth teen has been questioned and is still under investigation Suffolk Constabulary have asked residents to not encourage vigilantism Five teens have been ...

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Meltham Pedophile Found Hanging After “Losing Everything”

Robert Pearson was found hanging at the Valley Bowman Huddersfield Club in Meltham on Friday morning In January Pearson was setup by the pedophile hunting group Team Impact In February Pearson pleaded guilty to attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child Pearson’s wife of 29 years and his son left him following the sting He was suspended from his job ...

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