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Dakota Access Pipeline Owners Sue Greenpeace And Other Environmental Groups

Dakota Access Pipeline owners sue Greenpeace along with other environmental groups Earth First!, BankTrack, Red Warrior, along with other groups are named in the lawsuit Energy Transfer Partners claim the environmental groups as “eco-terrorists” that are using certain events for personal gain Resolute Forest Products filed a similar lawsuit against Greenpeace in May of 2016 The company behind the controversial ...

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Memorandum Shows The Close Relationship Between DAPL And The Army Corps Of Engineers

A 91-page memorandum shows the close relationship between DAPL and the Army Corps of Engineers On Wednesday US District Court Judge James Boasburg’s decision was that the Corps did not consider environmental justice when approving the Dakota Access Pipeline The memorandum showed that DAPL worked with the Corps to create their Environmental Assessment It is not decided if the Dakota Access ...

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Leaked Documents From TigerSwan Give Disturbing Detail On The Dakota Access Protests

A look inside the leaked documents from the private security firm TigerSwan show disturbing details on the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Response On Saturday The Intercept released leaked documents from the inside the private security firm TigerSwan Documents show that FBI, BIA, and other government agencies were working with TigerSwan The documents show TigerSwan trying to press a narrative through ...

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Dakota Access Pipeline Already Had A Small Leak In South Dakota In April

On April 4, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline had a small leak in South Dakota The pipeline leaked 84 gallons due to a mechanical leak Authorities say no public drinking water was contaminated In March the pipeline was vandalized in two different states Earlier this week it was discovered that the strongly opposed Dakota Access Pipeline leaked 84-gallons of oil on ...

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Oil Could Flow Through the Dakota Access Pipeline in Less Than 24 Hours


Oil could be flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline tomorrow. A federal appeals court denied a last-ditch injunction against the pipeline Outstanding litigation won’t stop the pipeline from becoming operational It could be a year before the Iowa Supreme Court rules on an eminent domain lawsuit North Dakota’s sweet, light crude could be flowing through the furiously-contended Dakota Access Pipeline ...

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West Virginia Senate Bill 9 looks to ban the use of drones against pipelines

West Virginia Senate Bill 9 will make it illegal to use drones to gather “evidence or information” against an industrial facility Drones became an important tool in distributing information to the public in Standing Rock Senate Bill 9 could open the door to prohibiting drones for gathering information for the public across the country The “Drone Bill” comes as several ...

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BREAKING: Federal Judge Denies Request to Halt Drilling on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Dakota Access

A request from the tribes challenging President Trump’s executive order has been denied Water protectors remain committed to fighting DAPL Drilling continues under Lake Oahe The DAPL Last Stand could be the only thing left to stop the pipeline A federal judge has rejected a request from the Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes to halt drilling under ...

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The Rover Pipeline: Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners’ new $4.2 billion project

Energy Transfer Partners are now trying to get approval for the $4.2 billion Rover Pipeline ETP is the same company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline The Rover Pipeline’s route will span across 713-miles Rover Pipeline will be able to deliver 3.25 billion cubic feet per day of domestic natural gas Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners are already pushing for another pipeline ...

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Active construction of Dakota Access continues to be stopped by peaceful demonstrations.

Cannon Ball, North Dakota (via – The Indigenous Environmental Network) – On Monday, North Dakota news outlet WDAY-TV published a report on a #NoDAPL action in North Dakota that occurred the day prior. The report alleges a private security guard was “assaulted” and “carried by” protesters at a Dakota Access construction site. There is no proof of the incident – the hundreds of photos ...

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