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Swanson Funeral Home In Flint Closed After Finding Rotting Bodies And Maggots

Swanson Funeral Home located in Flint, Michigan after discovering rotting bodies, maggots, and “deplorable” conditions The formal complaint reveals that the Swanson Funeral Home had been getting regular complaints and violations since 2012 Bodies were often stored in cardboard cremation containers inside an un-air conditioned garage The Swanson Funeral Home was forced to close their doors on Wednesday It is ...

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Protests In Detroit After US Immigration Target Chaldean Christian Iraqis

Protests in Detroit following Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeting Chaldean Christian Iraqis Up to 80 people were arrested in Detroit during heavy immigration sweeps conducted by ICE on Sunday Dozens of Chaldean Christian Iraqis are included in those arrests Those arrested were being taken to Ohio where they will be deported back to Iraq Many are concerned  those being deported will ...

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