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Nationwide Legal Team Steps In To Help Raymond And Amelia Schwab With Their Fight Against The Kansas DCF

Nationwide legal team steps in to help Raymond and Amelia Schwab with their fight against the Kansas DCF The Schwabs had five children removed from them by the Kansas DCF over two years ago A team of lawyers from around the country have assembled to assist the Schwab’s in their legal battle A press conference is scheduled for Monday in ...

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In 2012 Kansas SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore blatantly lied about the number of substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online

Secretary of DCF claimed almost 13,000 substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online in 2012 DCF records show that there were 1,916 substantiated findings in that time period Records also show that there were 30,722 unsubstantiated findings in the same time period Unsubstantiated findings do not prevent an order to remove a child from the home On April 12, ...

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