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9-Year-Old McKenzie Adams Found Dead From Suicide After Being Bullied

9-year-old McKenzie Adams found dead from suicide after being bullied at school in Alabama McKenzie’s grandmother found her body on December 3 Family members say McKenzie had been bullied in school for getting rides with a white family Demopolis City Schools claim there are no reports of McKenzie being bullied at school Since August The Daily haze has reported on ...

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The Satanic Temple Denver Is Throwing A Fundraiser And Collecting Items For The Homeless

Editor’s Note: The original article may not have been clear on where donations are going. The Satanic Temple Denver Chapter wants it to be clear that cash donations will go to TST, and any items donated will go to Atheists Helping the Homeless. The Satanic Temple’s Denver Chapter is throwing a fundraiser to for the organization Atheists Helping the Homeless ...

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Denver allows cannabis in bars and restaurants with Proposition 300

Denver just voted in Proposition 300 Prop 300 allows bars and restaurants to apply for permission to let their patrons use cannabis Smoking will not be allowed, but outside smoking areas are a possibility Currently, in Denver, you can receive a citation for public consumption if caught using cannabis in public Denver appears to be continuing to stay ahead of ...

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