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Crow Chairman At Montana Trump Rally After Endorsing Republicans

Crow Chairman Alvin Not Afraid were seen in headdress at a Trump rally in Montana President Donald Trump was endorsing Republican candidate Matt Rosendale In the past week Not Afraid endorsed Rosendale and Greg Gianforte The Crow Tribe released an official statement saying the tribe did not endorse either candidate Many were shocked when they saw a group of Native ...

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Did President Donald Trump Say You Need An ID To Buy Groceries

On Tuesday President Donald Trump claimed that you need an ID to buy groceries in regards to stricter voter laws Trump was speaking at a rally in Tampa for gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis The comment has many wondering if this statement shows how disconnected Trump is from normal American life Recently Kris Kobach’s strict voter ID law was determined to ...

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Democrat Douglas Jones Beats Roy Moore in Alabama Senate Race

Democratic candidate Douglas Jones beats Republican Roy Moore in Alabama Senate Race The victory makes Jones the first Democrat to represent Alabama in Senate in 20 years Moore’s campaign was plagued with sexual assault accusations from women that were teenagers at the time of the incidents President Donald Trump sent out a “robo-call” telling people to vote for Moore on ...

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