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Autopsy Gives No Answers In The Death Of Lucas Hernandez

An autopsy released on Wednesday found 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez’s cause of death to be undetermined The autopsy report stated Hernandez’s body was in a state of advanced decomposition Hernandez was reported to have phenethylamine in his system An autopsy for Emily Glass ruled her death to be a suicide On Wednesday, autopsy reports were released for both 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez ...

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Kansas DCF Refuses To Release Details In The Death Of Lucas Hernandez

The Kansas Department for Children and Families is refusing to release any details of their investigation into Lucas Hernandez A new law forces DCF to release previous contact when a child dies from abuse or neglect Since 5-year-old Hernandez’s death has not been ruled as either DCF is refusing to release any information DCF has a long history of being ...

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State Of Kansas Agrees To Return Schwab Children By Christmas

On Monday A Kansas judge decided that the Schwab children shall be placed back into their parent’s custody before Christmas For over three years the Schwab family has been torn apart by the Kansas DCF As long as the Schwabs can get basic necessities arranged the children will be home before Christmas As of now, if everything is in place ...

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The Sponaugle File: This Is What Negligence From The Kansas DCF Looks Like

Kansas Department for Children and Families were involved with the family for two years before Joseph Sponaugle murdered his 3-month-old daughter In 2012, DCF was involved with Brittani Figueroa and the father of her second child Thomas Greene Jr Figueroa claimed Greene raped her and had issues with anger management Greene was arrested for rape, criminal restraint, disorderly, and violating ...

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The Sponaugle File: A History Of Neglect Inside The Kansas DCF

Leaked Kansas Department for Children and Families records show a disturbing case of neglect Part 1 In 2014 Joseph Sponaugle murdered a 3-month-old child Records show that DCF knew the 3-month-old and another child were in a dangerous situation Sponaugle was sentenced to an 18-years in prison in 2016 The Sponaugle file is the investigation of the murder conducted by ...

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