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Dakota Access Pipeline Owners Sue Greenpeace And Other Environmental Groups

Dakota Access Pipeline owners sue Greenpeace along with other environmental groups Earth First!, BankTrack, Red Warrior, along with other groups are named in the lawsuit Energy Transfer Partners claim the environmental groups as “eco-terrorists” that are using certain events for personal gain Resolute Forest Products filed a similar lawsuit against Greenpeace in May of 2016 The company behind the controversial ...

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Former DAPL Security Kyle Thompson Arrested For Failure To Appear

Former DAPL security officer Kyle Thompson arrested for failure to appear Thompson was booked on a failure to appear charge on Sunday The failure to appear stems from charges Thompson received in April of this year Thompson received national attention after being caught on video pulling an AR-15 on water protectors on October 27,2016 Just days after former DAPL security ...

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Memorandum Shows The Close Relationship Between DAPL And The Army Corps Of Engineers

A 91-page memorandum shows the close relationship between DAPL and the Army Corps of Engineers On Wednesday US District Court Judge James Boasburg’s decision was that the Corps did not consider environmental justice when approving the Dakota Access Pipeline The memorandum showed that DAPL worked with the Corps to create their Environmental Assessment It is not decided if the Dakota Access ...

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Victory In North Dakota After Prolific The Rapper Found Not Guilty

Water protectors in North Dakota celebrate a big victory after Prolific The Rapper was found not guilty on three charges involving his drone Aaron Sean Turgeon ‘Prolific The Rapper’ was arrested for allegedly flying his drone in close proximity of a Highway Patrol aircraft Turgeon was possibly facing up to 7-years in prison if found guilty Turgeon announced the not guilty ...

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Two More Oil Spills Discovered On The Dakota Access Pipeline That Occurred In March

Two more oil spills have been  discovered involving the Dakota Access Pipeline On March 3, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline spilled 84-gallons of oil On March 5, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline spilled 20-gallons of oil On April 4, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline spilled another 84-gallons of oil Earlier in the month, it was discovered that the controversial Dakota ...

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Dakota Access Pipeline Already Had A Small Leak In South Dakota In April

On April 4, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline had a small leak in South Dakota The pipeline leaked 84 gallons due to a mechanical leak Authorities say no public drinking water was contaminated In March the pipeline was vandalized in two different states Earlier this week it was discovered that the strongly opposed Dakota Access Pipeline leaked 84-gallons of oil on ...

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35-year-old water protector Damjan Nedelkovski found dead in the Cannonball River in North Dakota

The body of Damjan Nedelkovski was found in the Cannonball River on April 9, 2017 Nedelkovski was last heard from on October 29, 2016 On November 16, 2016, Nedelkovski’s stepbrother reported him missing Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said fould play was not suspected Nedelkovski’s rental car was impounded from Oceti Sakowin camp on February 23 following the area being ...

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Standing Rock: Police Break Livestreamer’s Hip, but Roll Out Red Carpet for ABC News

Eviction of water protectors from Standing Rock has begun Hundreds of militarized officers surrounded camps Wednesday. Police refused freedom of the press — except for ABC News. Police made several violent arrests, and allegedly broke Eric Poemz’ hip. An estimated 100 water protectors began filing out of the remaining camps on unceded treaty land at Standing Rock on Wednesday, in ...

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120 Investors to 17 Big Banks: Consider Reroute of DAPL or Risk Possible ‘Legal Liability’


Investors representing billions urged 17 Big Banks to appease the Tribe Treaty violations and excessive force against water protectors concerned the investors. They point out a number of banks have already pulled assets from DAPL. Lake Oahe is rightfully Sioux land, they emphasized, and DAPL should be rerouted. A group of more than 120 investors, representing a $653 billion in ...

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Video Shows Morton County Re-Dumping Trash Inside Standing Rock Camp


Water protectors stand accused of leaving behind mountains of trash Mainstream media jumped to believe misinformation over fact. Morton County was captured on video moving trash, rather than transporting it to the dump. The operation appears to be staged to make water protectors look careless. Much talk has circulated over the last two weeks about appalling quantities of trash left behind ...

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