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What Is The Reality Of Declaring Yourself As A Sovereign Citizen

Many who are enthralled by the idea of sovereign citizens do not realize the reality is much more grim than the selling points There is believed to be around 300,000 sovereign citizens in America but those numbers are not founded Most do not agree with the title of sovereign citizen and find it to be an oxymoron There is no ...

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QAnon Claims Trump Trolled The George Herbert Walker Bush Funeral

QAnon followers claim “Trump and Company” made a statement at the George Herbert Walker Bush funeral Followers of  the online conspiracy group believe FOX News purposely used an angle of the funeral to show the flag upside down and the letter Q QAnon is an online conspiracy group known for giving out vague and incorrect clues about government corruption It ...

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Apple Blocks Alex Jones Info Wars App From Apple Store

On Friday Apple made the decision to block the Alex Jones Info Wars app from the Apple Store The decision comes the day after Twitter removed Jones’ account Last month Jones found himself banned from a long list of social media sites The bans have already cut Jones’ audience in half at this time Things continue to get worse for ...

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Bad Self Eater burned the Internet with anti-abortion video.

BadSelfEater.com revealed today that weeks of speculation were for nothing. Conspiracy theories spread throughout the web trying to figure out the meaning of BadSelfEater. Strange dollar bills were found around the country building up to today’s video release. T. Russell Hunter was the artist behind the strange bills. For the last few weeks, mysterious dollar bills in conjunction with a ...

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Is Fort Carson training for Martial Law on September 5?

Image shows a document claiming training for Martial Law to begin at Fort Carson. An image of a supposed Army memorandum claims Martial Law training will begin September 5 at Fort Carson. The image was originally uploaded to a Facebook account on August 19. Fort Carson knows about the memorandum and are calling it a fake. A photo is making ...

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What are the Mutant Response Vehicles spotted in Florida?

Pictures went viral on Facebook showing two “Mutant Response Vehicles.” The vehicles were spotted in Longwood, Florida. The pictures of the vehicles lead to conspiracies all around the Web. The vehicles are said to be a part of Burning Man. Two viral pictures are freaking people out across the Web. The picture shows two “Mutant Response Vehicles” driving in Longwood, ...

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