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Boy Scouts Of America May File Bankruptcy Due To Child Sex Abuse Suits

In October, a damning list of “ineligible volunteer” files — appropriately informally named the “perversion files” — from the Boy Scouts of America were made public. The files consist of over 1,500 adult volunteers the organization tried to suppress from public scrutiny following claims of sexually assaulting children. As the Boy Scouts of America face a massive onslaught of lawsuits ...

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Father Claims Son Attacked At Pooh And Crew Daycare In Pascagoula

Two viral Facebook posts claim 1-year-old Dakota Hudson received multiple facial injuries at Pooh and Crew Daycare in Pascagoula Mississippi The daycare told Dakota’s parents that he was attacked by a 4-year-old when she left the room for a second After arriving at the daycare Dakota’s mother called 911 then took her son to the hospital Two separate Facebook posts from ...

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Kevin Winterman Arrested For Propositioning Children For Sex Online

32-year-old Kevin Winterman was arrested in Ohio after propositioning children for sex online Winterman was communicating with an undercover officer posing as a 12-year-old girl In 2014 Winterman was arrested for a similar crime in Kentucky A day before his arrest TDH did a story on Winterman contacting a woman’s 12-year-old daughter On Wednesday, The Daily Haze released an article ...

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WATCH: Children Rescued From School Bus Hit By Sayfullo Saipov In New York Terror Attack

WATCH: Video shows the moment it was discovered children were still inside the school bus hit by Sayfullo Saipov in Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City YouTube user Seabass Chen uploaded a video showing the aftermath of Tuesday’s attack Saipov rammed a rented truck into a school bus during the terrorist attack Video shows rescue workers discovering the children ...

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Secret YouTube Pedophile Hangout EXPOSED – WARNING GRAPHIC

Are your kids safe? Do you know the “SECRET CODE” Pedophiles use? WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT – NOT CHILD PORN Is YouTube a gateway to the child porn underworld? Where do you find over 100 pedophiles in 3 hours? YOUTUBE! First we want to make this perfectly clear, this video, or story, in no way is meant to ...

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Bullying: The tragic epidemic

Bullying is still an ongoing problem in America that still leads to suicide. Recently a New York teen tragically committed suicide. The issue brings to light the effects of bullying. We must educate our youth in how to handle situations like this. In recent years there has been a severe pandemic of suicides among teenagers. The tragic epidemic, resulting from ...

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