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The Truth Behind The Tragic Death Of Daniella Pride

The truth behind the tragic death of Daniella Pride Pride had her parental rights terminated in May of 2016 Days ago Pride passed away from an overdose Advocates against Child Protection Services claim losing her children is what killed her The group of advocates trying to battle the corruption of Child Protection Services is a smaller one. Across the country, ...

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Who Should You Call After Child Protection Services Opens An Investigation Into Your Family

Who do you call after Child Protection Services opens an investigation into your family Title IV Funding has given Child Protection Services incentive to remove children It is not unusual for advocates to attempt to take advantage of families stuck in the system Simple background checks can allow you to see if advocates offering help are knowledgeable in the field All over ...

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In 2012 Kansas SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore blatantly lied about the number of substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online

Secretary of DCF claimed almost 13,000 substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online in 2012 DCF records show that there were 1,916 substantiated findings in that time period Records also show that there were 30,722 unsubstantiated findings in the same time period Unsubstantiated findings do not prevent an order to remove a child from the home On April 12, ...

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