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FDA Approves Epidiolex The First Drug Derived From Cannabis

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Epidolex a drug derived from an active cannabis ingredient Equidiolex is an oral solution containing cannabidol (CBD) It is the first FDA-approved CBD drug on the market The drug is approved for treatment of Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Written By: David Mangone Washington, DC (via Americans For Safe Access) — The Food and ...

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Vermin Supreme Challenges Derek Scmidt In The Republican Primaries

Vermin Supreme is up against current Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt in the Republican primaries Supreme was expected to run as a Democratic but filed instead as a Republican During a rally Supreme vowed to use all his resources to find the murderer of Misty the miniature pony Supreme offered to donate his salary to Lamonte McIntyre who received no ...

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Kansas House Barely Defeats Medical Cannabis Amendment

A small majority of the Kansas House of Representatives rejected an amendment for medical cannabis on Monday The medical cannabis amendment lost in a 54-69 vote Rep. Cindy Holscher introduced the amendment in hopes of helping her daughter with rheumatoid arthritis Rep. John Wheeler was concerned medical cannabis could lead to “absolute chaos on the streets of Kansas” Kansas House did ...

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DEA decides to make CBDs and cannabis extracts a Schedule 1

The DEA has placed CBDs and cannabis extracts in the Schedule 1 drug category Anybody living in a state with no medicinal or recreational cannabis laws will no longer have access to CBDs and extracts Licensed cannabis handlers have 30-days to refile their paperwork to include CBDs and extracts CBDs are primarily used for medicinal purposes known for helping with ...

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