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Video From Feo Mas Shows Campbell Cop Holding Passengers At Gunpoint After Traffic Stop Over “Safety Concerns”

A viral video uploaded by Facebook user Feo Mas shows a Campbell officer hold a couple at gunpoint for nine-minutes during a simple traffic stop The stop was said to have occurred over “safety concerns” on July 26 in Hollister, California The unidentified officer holds his gun on the couple for the entire duration of the video Campbell Police Captain ...

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“Fuck Donald Trump” – Thousands of protesters march to Trump Tower

Protests flare up around the country following Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton A large crowd is gathering outside of Trump Tower to protest Trump’s victory California has been a hotspot for anti-Trump protests throughout the day Anti-Trump protests have been reported across the country Civil unrest is growing around the country following Donald Trump being named as the next ...

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A green light shines in the dark as four states legalize cannabis

America makes huge step in ending the prohibition of cannabis California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all decided to move forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota all decided to move forward with medicinal cannabis Arizona voters went against the┬ádecision to legalize cannabis The country is torn over the results of Tuesday’s election. In a ...

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Robbers wore sheriff’s vests during home-invasion in Stockton.

Suspects in a home-invasion were wearing Sheriff vests. Stockton police are also missing a total of 17 weapons since 2010. Law enforcement agencies around the country have lost a high number of weapons obtained through the 1033 Program. The federal agencies appear to not be able to track the weapons they have been transferring to police departments. Police in Stockton, ...

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El Cajon officers shoot man after sister calls for help.

El Cajon officers shoot man who was not following officer demands. Police responded to a call about a man acting erratically. Upon arriving at the scene, police say the man refused to follow orders. The shooting was captured on video by a witnesses cell phone. Police say witnesses voluntarily handed over their cell phones, but witnesses claim that was not ...

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