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ICE Report Claims Cartels Adapt Daily Based On U.S. Border Patrol

A recent report from ICE claims cartels are able to adapt on a daily basis from intelligence they collect on border patrol A DEA from 2017 claims the majority of drugs that come through the border are concealed in vehicles Columbia’s drugs normally come by boat or plane to the northeastern areas of the country Cartels routinely pay off anybody ...

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Was A Child Killed By Rubber Bullets Or Tear Gas At San Ysidro Border

Social media users claim a child was killed by either a rubber bullet or tear gas during Sunday’s confrontation at the border Currently there is no confirmation a child died in Sunday’s clash between law enforcement and refugees Videos and pictures show tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at groups of women and children There are currently unconfirmed claims ...

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Did A Child Die Inside Dilley Texas ICE Detention Center

It is reported a child died after leaving an ICE detainment center located in Dilley Texas Immigration attorney Mana Yegani tweeted about the death on Tuesday The American Immigration Lawyers Association confirmed the child’s death but did not provide a name or timeline ICE has said they cannot conduct an investigation into the death without a name and date of ...

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