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Oil Could Flow Through the Dakota Access Pipeline in Less Than 24 Hours

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Oil could be flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline tomorrow. A federal appeals court denied a last-ditch injunction against the pipeline Outstanding litigation won’t stop the pipeline from becoming operational It could be a year before the Iowa Supreme Court rules on an eminent domain lawsuit North Dakota’s sweet, light crude could be flowing through…

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How Dakota Access will lead the way in exporting America’s crude oil to foreign countries

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In December of 2015 the 40-year ban on exporting crude oil to foreign countries was lifted In 1975 the EPCA was created in response to the 1973 oil crisis The EPCA placed a ban on exporting America’s crude oil In April of 2015 Rep Charles Dent introduced H.R.2029 Title I Section 101 of H.R.2029 lifts the…

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