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Large Group Of Tax Bill Protesters Arrested At The Nation’s Capitol

Up to 100 people were arrested while protesting the new tax bill at the Nation’s Capitol in Washington DC Ford Fischer from News2Share did a livestream of the 3 hour long demonstration on Tuesday Protesters chanted “Kill the bill” as they walked through the Capitol hallways 36 protesters were arrested in November after storming the Senate Budget Committee hearing on ...

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Arrests made in Tampa, Florida for feeding the homeless

Members of Tampa Food Not Bombs were arrested on Saturday while feeding the homeless In Tampa you must obtain a pricey permit to feed the homeless in a city park This is not the first time members of the group have been arrested The group says they will continue to feed the homeless and plan on being in the same ...

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Law enforcement allow limited items to be retrieved from frontline camp

Personal possessions, tipis, vehicles and sacred items were left behind following Thursday’s arrests in North Dakota Law enforcement made an agreement allowing 9 people and 3 vehicles to enter the frontline camp area to retrieve tipis No personal possessions, or vehicles are allowed to be retrieved from the area Part of the agreement was that media could not go along for ...

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Judge John Grinsteiner drops Amy Goodman’s charge in North Dakota.

North Dakota Judge says there was not enough probable cause to charge Amy Goodman. Goodman was reporting for Democracy Now! when Native American were attacked by mercenaries in North Dakota. On September 8, Goodman had a warrant issued for her arrest. State Attorney Ladd R. Erickson changed Goodman’s charge from criminal to trespass to riot. A bit of good news ...

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22 arrested in No DAPL lockdown in North Dakota.

22 people have been arrested after halting construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Two men locked themselves to construction equipment to stop construction of the DAPL. Among those arrested were medics and journalists. Livestream of the arrests were blocked from Facebook. On Tuesday, 22 protesters were arrested during a “No DAPL” lockdown. It is reported that lockdowns occurred in two ...

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