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Did an anti-Trump protester really shit on a sign and rub it around

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Viral video claims to show anti-Trump protester shit on a sign then rub it on the sign The video has been viewed over 500,000 times in just 6 hours A remix of the video was uploaded in October of 2015 The woman in the video is not actually a anti-Trump protester The days following the…

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Anti-Trump supporters drag man from car and beat him before stealing his car in Chicago

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A 50-year-old in Chicago was beaten while his attackers yelled about the man voting Trump The attack was caught on video and has gone viral The victim says the attack started over a traffic related incident The five suspects have yet to be arrested In the months leading up to the Presidential Election, those against…

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Police say shooting in downtown Seattle was not connected to anti-Trump protest

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Police say shooting near anti-Trump protest stemmed from a personal argument Five people were said to have been wounded, with one person in critical condition The shooter was said to have fled the scene on foot Assistant chief of the Seattle Police Department Robert Merner stated that the shooting was not linked to the anti-Trump…

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