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Augusta Police exonerate officer who killed a veteran’s service dog

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Augusta police have exonerated the officer who shot and killed Army veteran Alan Fitzgerald’s service dog Midnite on Thursday afternoon Augusta Public Safety Director Tyler Brewer said the officer shot Midnite as he was “flying through the air” towards the animal control officer. Witness accounts that don’t match the police narrative have been dismissed The Wichita Eagle…

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House Joint Resolution 69 aims to allow the killing of hibernating bears and wolf pups on Alaskan federal refuges

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House Joint Resolution 69 passes House vote threatening the lives of all animals on 76 million acres of Alaskan federal refuges The resolution would allow the killing of black bear cubs and mothers with cubs at the den It would be allowed for wolves and coyotes to be killed during denning season The use of…

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American government may kill 45,000 wild horses using taxpayer money.

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The Bureau of Land Management Advisory Board suggested up to 45,000 wild horses be killed. The wild horses have been moved to make room for cattle farms. There are thought to be 67,000 wild horses in the entire country. BLM claimed in an email that they would not be euthanizing a large number of wild…

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