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Wichita teen Ana Delacadena steals baby ferret from pet store then tries to sell it on Facebook

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18-year-old Ana Delacadena stole a baby ferret from Petland Wichita then attempted to sell it on Facebook Petland Wichita posted a video of the theft to their Facebook page that quickly went viral Facebook users were able to name Delacadena as the person responsible A Facebook user was able to provide a screenshot of Delacadena…

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Augusta Kansas Police shoot and kill Veteran’s service dog “Midnite” then issue him two citations

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An officer in Augusta, Kansas shot and killed Army veteran Alan Fitzgerald’s service dog Midnite Thursday afternoon An officer went with animal control to Fitzgerald’s residence after a call about a dog attack Witnesses say the officer opened Fitzgerald’s door and was seen kicking Midnite Augusta Police issued Fitzgerald two citations on Friday the day…

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American government may kill 45,000 wild horses using taxpayer money.

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The Bureau of Land Management Advisory Board suggested up to 45,000 wild horses be killed. The wild horses have been moved to make room for cattle farms. There are thought to be 67,000 wild horses in the entire country. BLM claimed in an email that they would not be euthanizing a large number of wild…

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