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Wichita teen Ana Delacadena steals baby ferret from pet store then tries to sell it on Facebook

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18-year-old Ana Delacadena stole a baby ferret from Petland Wichita then attempted to sell it on Facebook Petland Wichita posted a video of the theft to their Facebook page that quickly went viral Facebook users were able to name Delacadena as the person responsible A Facebook user was able to provide a screenshot of Delacadena…

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Augusta Police exonerate officer who killed a veteran’s service dog

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Augusta police have exonerated the officer who shot and killed Army veteran Alan Fitzgerald’s service dog Midnite on Thursday afternoon Augusta Public Safety Director Tyler Brewer said the officer shot Midnite as he was “flying through the air” towards the animal control officer. Witness accounts that don’t match the police narrative have been dismissed The Wichita Eagle…

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Augusta Kansas Police shoot and kill Veteran’s service dog “Midnite” then issue him two citations

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An officer in Augusta, Kansas shot and killed Army veteran Alan Fitzgerald’s service dog Midnite Thursday afternoon An officer went with animal control to Fitzgerald’s residence after a call about a dog attack Witnesses say the officer opened Fitzgerald’s door and was seen kicking Midnite Augusta Police issued Fitzgerald two citations on Friday the day…

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Two teenagers arrested in West Virginia after after posting a picture of a hanging dog to “Jacob Ryan’s” Snapchat

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Two teenagers have been arrested after posting a picture of a hanging dog on Snapchat Jacob and Dalton Ryan are facing charges for hanging the dog The picture was posted to Jacob Ryan’s Snapchat with the caption “Hanging with my dawg” The teens are allegedly facing lenient punishment for the crime Two teenagers in West…

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Morton County Sheriff’s Department lead the way in animal abuse in Standing Rock

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Horses in Standing Rock have been the victim of multiple overaggressive attacks During standoffs with police and water protectors, horses have been tased, maced, and shot with beanbag rounds One horse has been confirmed to have been put down as a result of injuries he obtained from law enforcement Horses are left to run wild…

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“Man hits dog and makes video” did not get brutal beating.

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A video has resurfaced claiming to show a man who made a video of him beating a dog receiving justice. Amazing Animals World posted the video to their Facebook yesterday. Video reportedly shows Tom-Jan Husch receiving a beating. Original video is said to be Magomed Jangubaev beating a man charged with murder. A video that…

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