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What Is The Reality Of Declaring Yourself As A Sovereign Citizen

Many who are enthralled by the idea of sovereign citizens do not realize the reality is much more grim than the selling points There is believed to be around 300,000 sovereign citizens in America but those numbers are not founded Most do not agree with the title of sovereign citizen and find it to be an oxymoron There is no ...

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United States And Canada Want Their Own Yellow Vests Movement

Is United States and Canada Joining the Yellow Vests Protests that are Happening Across the World Multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter are calling for America to join the Yellow Vest movement Activists have chosen Jan. 1st as the day to protest as it was the same day the The Emancipation Proclamation was signed So far there have been eleven ...

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Trump Administration’s Coal And Fossil Fuel Panel Shut Down At The Global Climate Summit

A group from Grassroots Global Justice Alliance managed to shut down the Trump administration’s panel pushing coal and fossil fuels at the Global Climate Summit in Poland After shutting down the panel the group marched out chanting “Shame on you!” America has sided with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to challenge a damning report on global warming The Trump administration has recently ...

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Is America Going To War With North Korea After Latest Missile Launch

North Korea’s latest missile test and Trump’s response has sparked talks of war once again On Tuesday Pyongyang conducted their first intercontinental ballistic missile test in over two months President Donald Trump responded to the test by claiming the United States “will handle” Pyongyang Hawaii is reinstating a Second World War-style missile warning system at the beginning of next month ...

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Russia demands answers after America hacks Kremlin command systems

Russia demands an explanation from America after US hackers penetrate Russia’s systems NBC news first reported the hack against Russia in an exclusive report America claims Russia is trying to interfere with the Presidential Election Despite accusations, Russia denies any part of the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails Tensions between America and Russia have been steadily growing, but due to ...

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