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Maryland woman Colleen Ferreri becomes the most recent suicide on Facebook LIVE

Colleen Ferreri used Facebook LIVE to broadcast her suicide following negotiations with police The video is over ten minutes long as shows officers trying to convince Ferreri not to shoot herself Ferreri used an assault rifle to shoot herself after failed negotiations with police One of Ferreri’s two children were in the house when police arrived People have been “trolling” ...

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4Chan claims to have trolled the CIA and MSM about Donald Trump “Golden Showers”

Buzzfeed released a 35-page dossier that claims Donald Trump rented Russian prostitutes for a “Golden Showers” show 4Chan users are claiming that the golden shower story came from one of their users The documents have said to be unverified and possibly unverifiable The dossier has several errors in it It is one of the most shocking things to come out ...

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