How Sylvester Ricardo Moss Just Trolled The Internet With One Viral Post

Sylvester Ricardo Moss just trolled the Internet claiming to be a “professional mourner” for hire at funerals

  • Moss made a post on September 13 claiming you could hire him to cry at funerals

  • The post was shared over 130,000 times and has over 120,000 comments

  • Moss later claimed that the post was nothing more than joke after receiving some negative feedback

Trolls have always played a vital role in the food chain of the Internet. Trolling is not just consist of going to a comment section and pissing people off, it has become an art form at this point. That is why it brings joy to so many to watch as a successful troll is successful.

On September 13, Sylvester Ricardo Moss made a post on his Facebook that has spread like wildfire across the Web. It has been shared over 130,000 times and has over 120,000 comments and is still growing strong.

Professional Mourner

In the post, Moss has two pictures of himself crying. The caption claims Moss is a “professional mourner” that will come and cry at your loved one’s funeral. Included is a list of prices that get more expensive, depending on how hard you want Moss to mourn. The top of the line package is a reasonable $1,000 for Moss to cry and jump into the grave.

Do you want to boost your funeral?
Hire me….the professional mourner to come and cry at the funeral.
Below are the “Summer Special” prices:
1. Normal crying $50
2. Bahamian hollering $100
3. Crying and rolling on the ground $150
4. Crying and threatening to jump into the grave $200
5. Crying and actually jumping in the grave $1000
Inbox me for bookings

The Viral Curse

While most could see the post was a joke that accidentally went viral, others believed Moss was trying to reap financial gain from others misfortune and suffering. Those who took Moss’ post to heart clearly could not fathom that the post was nothing more than a satirical joke that went too far.

On Sunday morning, Moss posted a screenshot in which he had to explain to one of the many people that disapproved of his services. In response to someone to being told that he was trying to take advantage of people, Moss states two times that the post was a joke.

When we see large groups of people rush these viral posts like starving locusts, words from the late George Carlin come to mind. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”



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