Suspect Arrested After Pushing Another Man In Front Of A Truck In LA

A security camera caught the moment a random man was pushed in front of a truck

  • The video shows a man who is believed to be homeless was seen pushing a man walking down the sidewalk into oncoming traffic

  • The victim was hit and then pinned by a truck driving down the street

  • Firefighters recognized the suspect and spotted him downtown shortly after the video aired on ABC7

  • It was reported the victim was in critical condition with multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung

  • The suspect was said to have been combative and is expected to be charged with attempted murder

Following a viral video of a man being pushed into oncoming traffic in Los Angeles, one man is in jail and expected to be charged with attempted murder.

In the security camera footage, a man believed to be homeless is seen sitting on a public bench as people walk by on the sidewalk. As a random stranger begins to walk past the suspect, he suddenly leaps up and pushes the man into the street just as a truck is passing. The suspect is seen calmly walking away after the incident.

The man flies into the street at which point he is hit by a truck and pinned. Other citizens immediately begin running up to help the man and begin telling the confused driver to back up. The driver eventually reversed and the man was helped to a bench.

On December 5, ABC7 aired the security camera footage. Firefighters in the area saw the video and recognized the suspect in the video. Less than an hour later, the firemen saw the suspect still wearing the same lime-green hoodie. “It was definitely the bright neon rain jacket and the baggy pants, and just the demeanor the guy had,” firefighter Austen Johnson told ABC7.

After spotting the suspect, firefighters alerted police of his location and the man was arrested. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the suspect was arrested in a tweet on Wednesday.

Earlier, @ABC7 aired a clip of an individual pushing a passerby underneath a panel truck. Thanks to our partners @LAFD he is now in custody. Alert Fire Fighters observed him walking in the #DTLA area and called for us to respond, where he was arrested. @LAPDHQ

The victim of the crime was taken to the hospital in critical condition. He reportedly had multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung. Police said the suspect was combative when confronted by police. The suspect is expected to be charged with attempted murder.



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