Man commits suicide at Maize, Kansas haunted attraction

While waiting in line at the Field of Screams, Chris Neer shot himself after having an argument.

  • It was said that Neer was intoxicated at the time of the shooting.

  • Neer’s cousin was trying to get the gun away from him.

  • Field of Screams did an emergency evacuation of the Halloween attraction.

Friday night a man committed suicide at the Field of Screams haunted attraction in Maize, Kansas. Early reports caused confusion over the situation that has now been deemed a suicide.

As Halloween enthusiasts waited in line to enter the Field of Screams, witnesses claim an argument erupted in the crowd. The argument ended with the male shooting himself with a handgun.

The man has been identified as Chris Neer by his niece, Brianna West on social media. West identified herself as the one arguing with Neer when the shooting occurred.

Neer was said to be extremely intoxicated at the time of the accident. The argument overheard by witnesses at the scene was West attempting to get the gun from her uncle.

West claimed that Neer pulled out his gun, at which point she grabbed his hand and attempted to get the weapon away from him. West had his hand and the gun between her legs and was pleading for her uncle to give her the gun.

Neer kept telling West to let him go. One of the haunted attraction’s actors approached the scene with a bright light and told West to let her go. West let go of her uncle’s hand, at which point Neer shot himself.

Field of Screams did an emergency evacuation following the shooting. Kip and Jody Scott have ran Field of Screams for 13-years and say they have never had anything of this nature occur.

Following the shooting, Field of Screams decided to reopen on Saturday with increased security. The extra security includes metal detectors and inspecting bags before patrons can enter the attraction. They also have more security on the scene. The extra security measures will be a permanent addition. The Field of Screams released the following statement Saturday morning.

Our intent is to open as usual tonight. We are currently evaluating all the factors and want to make sure the decision to open is appropriate for our staff. The altercation and suicide was an isolated personal issue between two guests and was not connected with Prairie Pines, Field of Screams or any of our staff and performers. We are proud of the way everything was handled last night by all the staff and guests and we feel confident that we have a very safe event. We have always had very high security but after the events of last night we feel strongly that we need to do even more. We currently employ 6-10 police officers and security personnel during the event hours. We also currently have a policy of no weapons on the property during our event. With that being said, we anticipate that we will immediately begin using metal detectors and bag searches at our event.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicide the following link has many numbers you can call to find some help. Crisis Text Line even gives you the option to speak with a trained counselor by texting “GO” to 741741.



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