String-A-Long Day Care Faces Backlash After Viral Facebook Post From Hannah Allen

A viral post on Facebook claims String-A-Long Day Care Center was responsible for severe bruises on a 2-year-old’s torso

  • Hannah Allen claims that the day care was responsible for causing serious bruising to her child on July 14, 2017

  • The day care’s owner Virginia Stringfellow claims that the bruises did not occur at her day care

  • Allen’s post has been shared over 10,000 times since it was posted 17 hours ago

A viral post on Facebook has the Internet up in arms after a mother named Hannah Allen accused String-A-Long Day Care Center of abusing her child last month.

Allen made a lengthy post on August 2, 2017, accusing the daycare of abusing her 2-year-old child. Included in the post was three pictures of a child’s torso with severe bruises, which Allen claims is from an incident that happened at String-A-Long Day Care on July 14, 2017.

Hannah Allen

Allen alleges that after picking up her toddler from the daycare she noticed bruising on the torso after he had stripped down to his diaper to play in the backyard. When the shirtless child ran past Allen, the mother noticed the bruises on his back.

After seeing the bruises and calling a friend for advice, Allen claims she took her toddler to the Emergency Room and was there until 12:30 am, at which point Ruston Police Department and Child Protection Services was notified of the incident.

Friday, July 14, 2017 I got off work and went to pick my boys up from String a long daycare in Ruston. The place I trust to take care of my babies while I’m at work. Seemed strange to me the vibe in the room when I picked them up but being a Friday and everyone ready to be off for the weekend I didn’t think much of it til I got home. As I took my boys outside to go play my 2 year old as always strips down in his diaper to go outside to play. As he runs past me I catch a glimpse of something on his back. So of course not thinking anything I ask him to come see mama and show me his back. When I look at his back My heart immediately sinks. So I do what Any mom would do. I phone a friend for advice on what I need to do. I take him to the ER I get there at about 7/7:15 and I don’t get out til 12:30. Cps is notified and so is RPD. The work and how much RPD has stayed on top of my case has been amazing. I will forever be grateful. But seeing as the daycare won’t admit to wrong and has no video cameras and of course my child is 2 and talks as clear as a minion no one can be “blamed”. As many times as I’ve been accused of doing this to my 2 year old (IN THIS SITUATION BY PEOPLE ON FB AND THE DAYCARE, Etc) As many times and I’ve been playing with him the past few weeks and he flinched like he would be hit. It breaks my heart. I have cried I have been angry but to know now that nothing will be done I am completely heartbroken and pissed. No mother or child should go thru what we have. And for the director to pretty much laugh in my face and blame me!!

So screw you String a long daycare. Justice will be served and I will NOT stop til it is.

Virginia Stringfellow

The owner of the day care Virginia Stringfellow went on a local podcast, and Facebook group, called “Ruston Rants.” Ruston Rants recently made local news in April after being accused of having a racial fueled element inside the Facebook group.

During the interview, Stringfellow tells interviewer Chris Butler that the day care received phone calls all Wednesday where she was “cussed out” and had people use the “n-word.”

Stringfellow goes on to state that String-A-Long Day Care Center is being investigated by the Ruston Police Department and Child Protection Services. Stringfellow claims her and volunteer employees took polygraph tests at the police station, and are waiting for the state to get back to them.

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According to Stringfellow, Allen began using the day care on May 28, 2017. Stringfellow claims she had little interaction with Allen over the last two months. but the child and the family appeared to approve of the services the day care provided.

Ruston Rants Podcast

Stringfellow claims there were no bruises on Allen’s body when he left her day care. She goes on to say that she has no idea where the bruises could have occurred. When asked if the day care has any cameras, Stringfellow responds “no,” but goes on to say she may get them after this incident.

Stringfellow claims the String-A-Long Day Care Center, located in Ruston, Louisiana, has operated for almost 12-years without any problems. Following the recent harassment, when asked if Stringfellow feels concerned for her safety, she replies that she is not sure but has received harassing phone calls.

Along with harassing phone calls, all social media for the day care have fallen victim to the wrath of the Internet. People are already flooding reviews of the day care with negative feedback based off of Allen’s viral post. While some are calling for patience to see what the police investigation uncovers, the majority of those angered by Allen’s post have already passed judgement and found the String-A-Long Day Care Center guilty as charged.



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