Storee Johnson Fails To Appear In Court After Viral Child Abuse Video

Storee Johnson developed a Internet following after posting a viral child abuse video to her Facebook

  • It was later discovered that Johnson had the video for months before sharing it to Facebook

  • Johnson attempted to send the child back to the alleged abuser after she had been sent the video

  • On September 12, Johnson missed a court date for custody of the child after raising $1,000 on Go Fund Me for court

A few months back The Daily Haze covered the story behind a viral video showing a young boy named Jax crying as a man berated him from behind a camera. As we dug deeper into the situation, it became apparent there were deeper issues than just the viral video.

The video, posted by Jax’s mother Storee Johnson, showed former boyfriend Joseph Ingram calling Jax a “little crying bitch baby.” The post included screenshots of a conversation in which Ingram claimed that he broke an egg on Jax’s head to Johnson.

Johnson claimed that Jax was stolen from her, and strongly implied that Jax was in Ingram’s custody, neither of which was true. Jax has been happily living with Ingram’s parents, who have been there to support Jax for most of his life.

Bring Jax Home

The viral video was sent to Johnson long before it reached viral status. After being sent the video, Johnson still attempted to send Jax back into Ingram’s care, which was a first red flag that something was not right.

With the help of supporter Gayla Castile and sister-in-law Breezi Maciel, Johnson had a Go Fund Me campaign started to raise money for attorney fees and to get Jax home. The campaign would raise just over $1,000, which appears not to have gone towards legal fees or getting Jax home.

The Facebook group, “Free Jax And Bring Him Home” was started as a means of support for Johnson, as she claimed to be in the fight of her life to regain custody of her son. However, members of the group began getting concerned when they were being blocked from the group just for asking questions.

As it turns out, Johnson has a history of drug use, prostitution and has even abandoned her first child. Johnson claims that her past does not apply to the current situation with Jax, despite proving her past behavior is anything but over.


After gaining support from followers, raising a decent amount of money, and duping many into believing that she was going to win a court date scheduled for September 12, Johnson did not show up at court.

Along with missing the most recent court date, Johnson has not been keeping up with her scheduled calls with Jax. Johnson claims that she has not had a working phone or WiFi.

Many were shocked that Johnson did not make it to the court date, especially after months of claiming she would be there and accepting people’s donations to be there. Not only did Johnson no-show, she also had no legal representation either.

Maciel, formally a strong advocate for Bring Jax Home, abandoned Johnson recently due to her suspicious behavior.

The Go Fund Me campaign is now gone. Johnson claims that she will return the money, yet at this time it is unclear if anybody has in fact seen a refund.

Johnson claims that she is now allowed to mail her evidence into the court, but those following this developing story believe she did not appear in court due to a warrant she has stemming from a DUI.

The judge will  decide in the next 12 to 14 days if Jax will stay in the stable home he is in with Ingram’s parents, or if he will return to Johnson’s custody. Given Johnson’s past and now current failure to appear in court, it is likely Jax will remain in the custody of Ingram’s parents.



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