Steve Wilson Identified As Man Who Berated A 9/11 Widow In Oregon

Steve Wilson was fired from his job after being identified as the man who berated a widow of an NYPD officer who died on 9/11

  • The video took place at a Law & Order March on October 13 in Protland

  • Pro-skateboarder Charlie Wilkins was falsely accused of being the man in the video

  • Wilson was fired from his job at Self Enhancement Inc

A video from a “Law & Order March” on October 13, in Portland, Oregon showed a member of Antifa berating a widow of a New York police officer who was killed in the 911 attacks.

Steve Wilson has been identified as the man in the video, but not before pro-skateboarder Charlie Wilkins was falsely accused of being the man in the video. Wilkins and his family received online threats because of the misinformation distributed throughout social media.

In the video, Wilson is heard saying to the widow “you’re a fucking snarky, little fucking idiot.” The widow replies, “try something bitch,” while wearing an NYPD hat. Wilson responds by saying, “I’m not like your husband. I’m not going to punch you.” The widow tells Wilson she is not married.

At one point the widow turns to Wilson and points to her hat and says, “My husband died on 9/11.” Most people would think the verbal attack would be left there, but Wilson did not care. “Good, good. NYPD was a bunch of sodomizers, fucking sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks. Your husband should rot in the grave.”

After Wilson was announced to be the person in the video, it was not long before Self Enhancement Inc made a tweet stating that he had been fired from his position.

Steve Wilson is no longer an employee of SEI. His behavior does not represent the values of our organization or the high expectations that we have for our employees.

Wilson’s Facebook is still active at the moment. On Facebook, he goes by the name SalvadOrwell Wilson. While there appear to be no current public posts, a post from February 13, 2017, has received over 3,500 comments from people lashing out at his behavior. Wilson is now the latest person to learn the power of social media justice.



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