Facebook spokesperson says Steve Stephens did not use Facebook LIVE during a murder on Easter Sunday

A Facebook spokesperson has said that Stephens recorded the video of the murder to his phone and later uploaded it to his Facebook

  • Stephens did use Facebook live at least once on Sunday to explain what he was doing

  • Police believe Stephens may still be driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags from Ohio

  • Stephens may no longer be in Cleveland according to investigators

It has been almost 12 hours since a video of Steve Stephens shooting and killing 74-year-old Robert Godman Sr appeared on Facebook. Stephens has yet to be arrested and may have left Cleveland, according to authorities.

Police initially stated that Stephens had used Facebook LIVE to record the murder of Godman. Early Monday, a spokesperson for Facebook stated that the Facebook LIVE feature was not used for the video of the crime.

Stephens filmed the murder with his phone then later uploaded to his Facebook account, Steve Stevie. Stephens did use the Facebook LIVE feature at least once on Sunday to explain why he was doing what he was doing.

On one video Stephens claimed to have murdered at least 13 people. As of now, police have not been able to confirm that Stephens murdered anybody aside from Godman.

Stephens has not been seen since roughly 2:00 pm on Sunday. His Facebook account has been deleted. He was last known to be driving in a white Ford Fusion with temporary Ohio tags.

Before his Facebook was deleted, Stephens said he had lost everything he had gambling. He blamed a woman named Joy Lane for the bulk of his problems. He even asked Godman to say Lane’s name before he shot the elderly man.

Before he was a murderer, Stephens was a case worker at Beech Brook, a children’s mental health facility in Cleveland. Stephens also blamed his work for contributing to his mental breakdown.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams have urged Stephens to turn himself in. At this time the city is not on lockdown at this time. Police have warned citizens to be careful if they have to be on the streets.



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