Here Is What We Know About Stephen Bodine And The Disappearance Of Evan Brewer So Far

Here is what we know about Stephen Bodine and the disappearance of 3-year-old Evan Brewer so far

  • Brewer was last seen at Bodine and Miranda Miller’s residence on South Vine in Wichita Kansas

  • On July 6, Brewer was reported missing and believed to be with Miller and an adult male

  • On Saturday police were called after the home owner found a concrete structure releasing a foul smell

  • Police later discovered the remains of a 3-year-old boy in the concrete structure

  • Brewer’s mother posted video of Bodine threatening several people with a hatchet

On Sunday night, officers from the Wichita Police Department found the remains of a 3-year-old boy inside a concrete structure. It is believed that the remains are that of Evan Brewer who went missing on July 6.

On Saturday, a property owner was cleaning a residence located in the 2000 block of South Vine after he found a suspicious concrete structure that was releasing a foul order. Police removed the bizarre structure and later discovered the boy’s remains.

The residents of the house, 40-year-old Stephen “Bo” Bodine, and 36-year-old Miranda Miller were already in jail on a previous charge from last week connected to the disappearance of Brewer.

July 6

On July 6, Brewer was reported missing. The toddler was believed to be in the company of his non-custodial mother, Miller, and an adult man believed to be Bodine.

On August 31, the Kansas Missing & Unsolved Facebook page made a post stating that Miller had been found, but Brewer’s whereabouts were still unknown.

Sedgwick County Jail records show that Bodine and Miller were arrested on August 30. Both were charged with aggravated assault and aggravated interference with parental custody. Bodine was held on a $10,000 bond and Miller on a $25,000 bond.

August 13

On August 13, Brewer’s stepmother, whom we will keep anonymous at this point, made a post on her Facebook page describing an incident that had occurred with Bodine.

The post read as follows:

I knock on the door where my stepson was last seen (which is supposedly vacant) and this guy Stephen Bodine aka Bo yells thru the door and says he’s holding him hostage in the basement, threatens to “chop” me up “into little pieces”, and proceeds to open the door, tries to attack with a hatchet, then busts our tire. I got it all on video and YES police were called. Please keep an eye out especially if you’re around the area of May St. And Vine near Pawnee and Seneca!!!

August 11

Brewer’s stepmother also had a video of what happened two days prior on Friday, August 11. In the video, Bodine is seen storming out of the house and slamming the screen door as he charges into the front yard with a hatchet in hand.

Brewer’s father can be heard asking “Where’s my son at?” Bodine can be heard yelling, “Get the fuck off my property! I don’t fucking care! Get the fuck off my property!” The 34-second video ends with Bodine hitting a car tire with a hatchet and charging back towards the house.

Brewer’s stepmother stated on social media that police came, but only knocked on Bodine and Miller’s door then left when nobody answered. Police once again came only to knock on Bodine and Miller’s door two days later on Sunday following a small protest outside the residence. Police told the family that they were not allowed to go inside the house unless they had physical proof the suspects were inside.

On Sunday, August 13, following a protest outside of the South Vine residence put together made up of a small group of protesters chanting, “Give us Evan!”

Police have not yet confirmed if the remains found at Bodine and Miller’s residence are Brewer’s. Brewer was last seen at Bodine and Miller’s residence.



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