State Question 788: Medical Cannabis Passes In Oklahoma

State Question 788 passes in Oklahoma legalizing medical cannabis

  • Governor Mary Fallin announced she would call a special session to figure out how to regulate medical cannabis

  • Many feel that SQ 778 is too loosely written and teeters on the edge of being recreational

  • No qualifying medical conditions were written into the bill meaning prescriptions can be given for a wide variety of reasons

Cannabis advocates had a significant victory on Tuesday in Oklahoma as State Question 788 passed allowing residents to grow, sell, and use medical cannabis.

Opponents of SQ 788 ranged from law enforcement to faith leaders who were opposed to the proposal not listing any qualifying medical conditions, which means doctors can prescribe medical cannabis for a wide variety of reasons.

Leading the opposition was a group calling themselves “SB 788 Is NOT Medical”. Dr. Kevin Taubman, a member of the group, released the following statement after learning of the defeat.

We are obviously disappointed by the outcome, as we believe 788 is simply too broadly written to be considered a legitimate medical marijuana program. However, we respect the will of the voters and our member groups look forward to working with the Legislature and the Health Department to advance common-sense regulations that benefit patients while protecting businesses and communities.

Advocacy groups in favor of SQ 788 reported some issues at polling sites, mainly that people were not given a second ballot with SQ 788 on it unless it was requested. There were no details on which polling sites this occurred.

Governor Mary Fallin had stated last week that if medical cannabis passed she would call lawmakers back to the capital for a special session to create a legal framework for regulating medical cannabis. Fallin claimed SQ 788 was written so loosely that it “basically allows recreational marijuana in the state of Oklahoma.”

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n Tuesday, Oklahoma will vote on allowing statewide medicinal cannabis. The bill faces opposition from several groups claiming the new law is a cover for recreational cannabis.

Leading the fight is the group “SQ 788 is NOT Medical.” The group’s Facebook page has gained just over 1,700 likes. According to a statement on their website, the group believes State Question 788 is not allowing access to “true medical marijuana.” The group claims many members are supportive of medical cannabis.

We are united against SQ 788 because, though it is labeled as such, it is not about allowing access to true medical marijuana, to which many members of our coalition are not opposed. The reality is SQ 788 will, in practice, legalize recreational marijuana, and is simply bad public policy.

A video from the group speaking at the Oklahoma State Medical Association gives a better look at some of the propaganda-fueled rhetoric the group is using to try and push their agenda.

Like a scene straight out of “Reefer Madness,” Pat McFerron claimed that he had been told you can roll up to 80 joints out of an ounce of cannabis—an unfounded claim backed by one faulty study—which spawned the group displaying 80 fake joints representing exactly how much cannabis residents will be allowed to possess. The fake joints sat next to bags of oregano represent the amount of cannabis people will be able to possess.

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