Starkey Employee Daniel Pendergrass Threatens Woman After Sending Her Dick Pics

Starkey Inc employee Daniel Pendergrass threatens a woman with slut shaming after sending her unwanted “dick pics” 

  • Pendergrass claimed to be a former Butler County police officer and a missionary during the conversation

  • According to his Facebook Pendergrass works around those with developmental disabilities at Starkey

  • A picture of a Pendergrass’ Starkey badge was posted to his Facebook on August 28

A disturbing trend of sending unwanted “dick pics” to women on social media has many users scared to open their personal messages at times.

Brittany Vanderhoff experienced this when a Butler County, Kansas man named Daniel Pendergrass apparently could not fathom that she was not interested in him.

Are You Single

The messages start out harmless enough. Pendergrass sends a message that asks, “Hey, I was just wondering if you were single?”

Vanderhoff responds with a confused, “Yeah?”

Pendergrass then asks, “Are you looking for someone to date?” to which Vanderhoff responds, “If I meet the right person.”

The conversation remains innocent as Pendergrass asks if Vanderhoff would be willing to meet him. Vanderhoff lets Pendergrass know that she is not attracted to his photos.

Pendergrass responds by saying, “So a lot of women say I’m good looking,” followed with a selfie.

After briefly talking about musical interests and what Vanderhoff is attracted to, the conversation quickly takes a dark turn after she once again states that she is not interested.

What About This

Pendergrass sends three pictures of his penis and asks, “What about this?” Vanderhoff responds, “Not impressed.” Pendergrass asks, “Really?” and Vanderhoff responds, “Go away.”

Not taking the hint, Pendergrass decides to double down and sends a picture of a woman in the act of oral sex which he claims is his “last girl.”

Vanderhoff responds by saying, “You’re gross and so is your dick.” Still not taking the hint, Pendergrass asks, “You don’t want that inside you?”

Still pushing forward, Pendergrass asks, “What do you think of my penis?” Pendergrass also asks, “You think it’s small?” and “Have you had bigger?”

Finally fed up with the sexual harassment, Vanderhoff states that she is going to screenshot the conversation and post them to Facebook for all to see.

Pendergrass calls her bluff and says he will do the same and make Vanderhoff and her friend both look bad. He goes on to threaten, “I was a Missionary so people will believe me over you.”

Friends On The Force

Pendergrass then tells Vanderhoff that it would not matter if she contacted the police because he has “friends on the force.” He then goes on to claim that he used to be a police officer for Butler County, which The Daily Haze was unable to confirm at the time of this article.

On his Facebook, Pendergrass claims to have been a Missionary at Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy. TDH was not able to confirm his involvement with the organization at the time of this article.

Starkey Inc

On August 28, Pendergrass posted a picture of his new work badge at Starkey Inc. “Starkey serves more than 440 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through employment, vocational training, residential, life enrichment and case management program. It is located in Wichita, Kansas, in Sedgwick County,” according to the company’s Facebook page.

TDH spoke to a spokesperson for Starkey who assured us that this sort of behavior did not fall under the code they expect their employees to follow. TDH forwarded the screenshots from the explicit conversation to Starkey’s head of communications upon request.

While Pendergrass kept his sexual harassment virtual during this interaction, there are obvious concerns about him working around those with developmental disabilities.



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