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St. Louis: Reverend Dr. Karla Frye Charged with Felony Assault

St. Louis clergy member Dr. Karla Frye charged with felony assault under Missouri’s new “Blue Alert” law

  • Blue Alert law enacts “the toughest penalties possible for anyone who attacks a law enforcement officer”

  • Gov. Greitens says “Missouri will show no mercy to cowards who assault cops”

  • No mercy shown to 13 year old as he was brutally attacked by cowardly police

Charges filed against grandmother trying to protect a child

Previously we reported on a child and his grandmother getting assaulted and arrested by the police. The incident started when the police grabbed Dr. Frye’s grandson to arrest him, putting him into a choke hold. This understandably upset his grandmother, and she attempted to pull the officer off of her grandson. Under Missouri’s new “Blue Alert/Blue Lives Matter” law, she is being charged with a felony assault on a police officer because of this.

No recourse for those assaulted by police

Meanwhile, we see no such charges filed against the officers assaulting both the child and the grandmother. This “Blue Lives Matter” law is being used in the exact way that lawmakers intended it: To punish protesters who resist arrest. As such, it generally grants greater immunity to officers from receiving any potential backlash from their abuse towards citizens. However, there continues to be no greater protections for the citizens from officers assaulting and murdering them. Complaints continue to be overlooked, and officers continue to be allowed to do as they wish.

Meeting for clergy and officials regarding police riot today

There will be a meeting in St. Louis today regarding the riot brought on by the St. Louis Police, demanding accountability and proper immediate investigations. This article will be updated after we get more information from that meeting.



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