St Louis Police Officer Caught On Camera Reversing Car Into Crowd

St Louis police officer caught on camera reversing his unmarked car into a crowd of protesters

  • The video was recorded by LaShell Eik who claims the incident happened on Sunday

  • This video follows shocking video of St Louis police pepper spraying people after having them sit on the ground

  • The video has been viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook

The behavior of St Louis law enforcement during protests following the Jason Stockley not guilty verdict has been alarming at best. St Louis police response to protests has become a perfect example of over-militarization and at times aggressive and violent actions within rogue police forces around the country.

Early Monday morning, livestreamer Jon Ziegler, better known as Rebelutionary Z, Recorded the moment that St Louis police “kettled” in a large group of protesters, legal observers, and journalists, forced them to sit down then began spraying the crowd with pepper spray.

The scene was disturbing. Police began arresting everyone in the area, as people screamed in agony from pepper spray. Not only were officers spraying a group that had already surrendered, but they were then forced to sit in the cloud of chemical weapon that had been dispersed.

LaShell Eik

On Thursday, yet another video was posted to social media showing an officer in an unmarked car reversing into a crowd of protesters.

The video was posted to Facebook by LaShell Eik. The post shows four pictures of the officer responsible and the video of the incident. The caption reads as follows.

This is the officer that reversed into a crowd of protesters Sunday. Be aware. He is armed and dangerous!! #STLVerdict #STLCallToAction #AnthonyLamarSmith #JasonStockley

The video has received over 100,000 views. It shows the officer in his unmarked vehicle reverse into a crowd, as people scream and dive out of the way to avoid injury. Luckily, no injuries were reported from the incident.


This officer’s actions are entirely unacceptable, as the country is still recovering from the domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville that took the life of Heather Heyer, and injured 19 other.

Earlier this week, South Dakota Rep Lynne Hix-DiSanto received negative attention after posting a meme depicting a car driving through a crowd of protesters with the phrase, “ALL LIVES SPLATTER.”

Hix-DiSanto was dropped by the realty firm Keller Williams Realty Black Hills due to the post on her Facebook page. On Tuesday, Hix-DiSanto removed the offensive post from her account and claimed she did not know the meme was offensive.

The same meme was “accidentally” shared to Chelan County Sheriff’s Office emergency management Facebook page on September 11. The sheriff’s office quickly removed the post and apologized to those who took offense. Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett claimed an unnamed employee accidentally shared the meme while trying to privately share with a friend.



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