St Louis Police Bloodied And Arrested An Undercover Officer During Mass Arrests

On Sunday St Louis Metro Police managed to assault and arrest one of their own undercover officers

  • It is reported the undercover officer was hit three times before being zip-tied for refusing to show his hands

  • A Lieutenant for the Air Force was also arrested in Sunday’s mass arrest for walking in his neighborhood

  • SLMPD arrested multiple citizens who had nothing to do with protests going on around the city following the Jason Stockley verdict

Last Sunday, a mass arrest in St Louis during ongoing protests against the Jason Stockley verdict is raising more concerns. As more details emerge in regards to St Louis Metro Police Department actions, it is becoming painfully obvious that there are serious problems with law enforcement in the area.

Sunday night, police “kettled” protesters into an area, then forced them to sit down before pepper spraying the entire group that also included journalists and legal observers. The acting police chief said officers “owned tonight” and Governor Eric Greitens gave praise to the officers for their cruel actions. Almost a week later, it seems that praise came too soon.

The abusive nature of the SLMPD is now impossible to deny following Sunday’s mass arrest. In perhaps one of their most idiotic blunders yet, while officers were blindly attacking protesters and innocent civilians, they somehow managed to injure and arrest one of their own undercover police officers.

Bloodied And Arrested

It was reported that two uniformed officers near the protest ordered the undercover officer to show his hands after he was suspected of carrying chemical ammunition to use against police. The undercover officer refused to show his hands and was subsequently knocked to the ground and hit at least three times before his hands were zip-tied behind his back. When the undercover officer stood up, it was reported he was bleeding from his mouth.

City Counselor Julian Bush stated that the allegations were disturbing. Mayor Lyda Krewson has asked the director of public safety to conduct an investigation into how an undercover officer became bloodied during his Sunday arrest.

Air Force Lieutenant Alex Nelson

Along with the undercover officer, SLMPD also arrested 27-year-old Air Force Lieutenant Alex Nelson. Nelson, who works in cyberoperations at Scott Air Force Base, was not even part of the protest.

Nelson and his wife were walking their neighborhood after hearing the commotion. While checking out the scene, the couple were quickly caught in a closing police line. Nelson claims he was then kicked in the face, pepper-sprayed, and dragged away.

Aside from the two officers arrested, SLMPD arrested an unusually high number of people who had nothing to do with the protests. Many never even heard a notice to disperse from the area. Others were directed to the area where police had decided to “kettle” everyone and anyone they could.

A Rogue Police Force

SLMPD is on the verge of being nothing more than a rogue militia with apparently nobody in a position to stop them. When a police force is blindly assaulting and arresting their own officers, members of our military, journalists, and citizens simply trying to walk down the street, you have to accept the fact the police force in question is corrupt from a lack of checks and balances. The question of who is policing the police is ringing louder than it ever has throughout the streets of St Louis.



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