St Louis County Police Officer Seen In Victim’s Vehicle After Shooting

Video shows a St Louis County police officer exiting the passenger seat after shooting the driver

  • Police were responding to a disturbance call they received Thursday evening

  • The victim was not related to the call officers were responding to

  • Officers claim they found the suspect unresponsive in his vehicle

  • STLCPD claim after seeing a gun the officer opened the passenger door to secure it

  • The man allegedly woke up and a struggle ensued for the gun

A St Louis County police officer was caught on video exiting a victim’s vehicle after he fatally shot him. The victim is not believed to be related to the original 911 call at this time.

The shooting occurred at the Oak Park apartments in north St Louis County. St. Louis County Police Officer Benjamin Granda confirmed the man who had yet to be identified died at the hospital.

Video from the moments after the shooting shows an officer outside of the driver side window of the car. The front passenger door opens and the officer responsible for the shooting steps out of the vehicle. The bizarre clip has members of the community wondering why the officer was inside the victim’s car? Jeremy Brown uploaded the video to his Facebook account following the shooting.

According to Granda, officers were responding to a disturbance call at around 5:36 pm on Thursday. While responding to that call, the officers allegedly noticed an unresponsive man in an SUV. Granda claims one of the officers saw a gun and opened the passenger door to secure it.

While the officer was trying to secure the gun, the victim allegedly “reacted” and a struggle ensued over the gun. During the struggle, the car reportedly began moving. The officer inside the vehicle pulled out his department-issued weapon and fired one shot. Witnesses claimed the victim was shot in the abdomen.

The suspect reacted, and a struggle for the suspect’s gun ensued. The officer was inside the suspect’s vehicle as the suspect started driving the vehicle. During the struggle over the suspect’s firearm, the officer in fear of his life, unholstered his department-issued firearm, and shot the suspect at least one time.

The end of the video shows the victim being removed from the vehicle and the officers performing CPR. Police claim a gun from the vehicle was retrieved by police. The officer claimed he fired because he feared for his life. Neither officer was injured during the incident. Both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave while an investigation is conducted.

St Louis has good reason to question the police narrative. Accusations of the police planting guns at the scene of fatal shootings has been a common claim for a very long time. The accusations received a certain level of credibility after seeing footage from the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. Prosecutors claimed video showed St Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley planting a gun on the scene after killing 24-year-old Smith.

In 2017, Stockley finally went to court for the shooting but was acquitted after the court decided the state had failed to prove the shooting was a murder beyond a reasonable doubt. In the video Stockley was also heard saying, he was “going to kill this mother fucker, don’t you know it.”



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