South Florida Rocked with School Shooting Threats on Week of Parkland Shooting Anniversary

  • Schools all over South Florida have received threats about a possible school shooting exactly one year from when Nikolas Cruz killed 12 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School 
  • The threats were written all over the schools
  • Multiple arrests have been made, but investigations are still on going

Threats of possible school shootings started making waives February 1st in Lee County, Florida and since then twenty-two more threats have been made in the same county.

On February 1st, students at North Fort Myers High School discovered several threats in the women bathrooms. The threats read, “Shooting this school up on Monday Feb. 4,” “shoot this dumb school up on Monday Feb. 4,” “Ima kill them all,” and “Y’all don’t need to live.” Lee County Sheriffs were notified and it took them till that Monday to arrest 16-year-old Danielle Charles in connection to the threats.

On February 4th, both Mariner High School and Mariner Middle School, in Cape Coral, Florida received threats. Mariner High Schools principle released a statement regarding a threat that was found in one of their bathrooms.

According to Fox4Now:

“Triton Families, this is Principal Thomas Michel.

Today we found a written threat in a bathroom that stated “shoot up 2.14.”

This administration, along with the Cape Coral Police Department, are aggressively investigating.

While we do not believe the threat is credible, this is still an active investigation. We do not tolerate threats like this at Mariner and will do everything in our power to track down the person who wrote this.

I will update you as we continue to get information.

Thank you.

Mariner High School student, Christen J. Nieves, 16, has since been arrested with a felony charge of a written threat to conduct a mass shooting.

Mariner Middle School notified parents, stating the threats they found written in red marker in one of the womans bathrooms stated “school shooting Feb. 14 and March 1,” but believed they were not creditable. After reviewing security camera’s, Annabella Reinhold, 13, was arrested and charged with felony charge of a written threat to conduct a mass shooting.

Gulf Middle School in Cape Coral as well had a threat from a 12-year-old
7th grade boy. The student wrote a note and handed it to his teacher. The note read, “the school gonna get shot see yau soon 2/11/19” [sic]. He was arrested for Written Threat to Conduct Mass Shooting, but his name has not been released.

A 12-year-old male student, Donovan Linares-Pedroza, at Oak Hammock Middle School is accused of making a similar threat at his school on Monday. After a review of security camera’s, it showed Linares-Pedroza enter the bathroom before the threat was found on a rear bathroom stall wall on the second floor of the school. The threat said there would be a shooting and had a picture of a gun and a male sexual organ. He is charged with a felony charge of written threat to kill or injure.

Bonita Springs High School also received a threat of a school shooting this month. No arrests have been made and law enforcement is still investigating.

Gateway Charter Elementary also received multiple threats in their 4th and 5th grade bathrooms. Spokesperson Colleen Reynolds said they could not give out specifics, but the sheriff’s report stated the school principal, Angela Cartera, notified the school resource officer of the written threat.

The threat read: “I’m going to kill you all ha ha see you in a cofine [sic] come find me i’m in 5 grade and my name starts with a r peace love you all hate you all i want to kill you.”

No arrests have been made and the investigation is still ongoing

On Friday, a Cypress Lake High School student was arrested for bringing a replica gun. Shane Humphry, 16, was arrested after another student noticed the gun and reported it to a teacher. Since Florida laws recognize replica guns as firearms, he was arrested on charges of possession of a firearm on school property. The school principle called parents to notify them.

This month, Riverdale High School has received two threats of a possible school shooting.

The first threat was on Feb. 5 stating, “Ima shoot all n*****.”

The second threat was written in a bathroom referencing Columbine High School mass shooting, but with “V2”. V2 is normally taken as version two.

Riverdale Principal Scott Cook has released an email to parents stating that they believe the threat is not creditable, but no arrests have been made.

This is not the first time Riverdale High School has had threats. Over the years there has been multiple bomb threats and shooting threats. The school has also had a murder. In 1996, Kevin Foster started a gang, “Lords of Chaos.” Foster and his gang planned on breaking into the school and setting the auditorium on fire when they ran into band instructor, Mark Schwebes. Schwebs advised the students that he will be contacting law enforcement and that is when Foster murdered Schwebs. Fosters appeal was denied this past December.

This week a student was arrested for bringing a butterfly knife to school. A student noticed Justin James, 14, carrying the knife towards the end of the day before dismissal and notified a teacher. The teacher then notified the resource officer, who arrested the student.

Alva School Principle, Dale Houchin, made a phone call to parents stating:

Good afternoon Rambler families, this is Principal Dale Houchin. I am sending this message not to alarm you, but to inform you. Right before dismissal one of our students was arrested for having a butterfly knife on campus. At no time were any students threatened with the knife, but simply having it is a violation of law, and the student code of conduct.
A student told a teacher that s/he saw the knife and the teacher immediately notified law enforcement. We commend the student for taking action by reporting the information. As parents, please take this opportunity to speak to your child about school safety and the importance of reporting information that may compromise their safety and the safety of others. Working together, we can maintain an environment where students are free to focus on learning.
If you have questions, please call me, or a member of our administrative team.”

Cape Coral High School has also received a threat this month. The threat, “school shooting soon, ha ha ha ha,” was written in one of the bathrooms.

Principal Jeff Spiro sent out an email to parents stating that the threat is believed to be not creditable but is still under investigation.

A Varsity Lakes student was arrested as well for a threat they wrote on a desk stating “school shooting February 13.” The threat was gone by the time law enforcement arrived. The students name or age has not been released.

Superintendent of Lee County Schools, Gregory Adkins released a statement according to News-Press :

“I’m asking parents and guardians to sit down with their children and educate them,” Adkins said. He said the best way to drive home the point is to talk about the seriousness of the action, the impact that it would have, and the effect of a threat on their classmates.

The threats of the school shootings fall on the same week but a year later of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting massacre in Parkland , Florida. On Feb 14., 2017 Nikolas Cruz went to the school and killed 17 students and teachers.



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