Sophia Wilansky faces possible amputation after Sunday’s attack on water protectors

The woman who sustained a serious injury to her arm in Standing Rock has been identified as Sophia Wilansky

  • Wilansky may have to have her arm amputated after being struck by what was believed to be a concussion grenade

  • Law enforcement in Standing Rock sprayed down water protectors with water cannons in below freezing weather

  • Water protectors were also attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets

UPDATE: We have been informed that Sophia is in surgery and will be going through amputation. Our prayers go out to Sophia and her loved ones as her life will never be the same due to the careless actions of Morton County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies that took part in last night’s savage attack against water protectors.

UPDATE 2: A Go Fund Me was created to help with Sophia’s rehabilitation and medical bills. In only 2 hours the campaign has raised over $70,000 of the $150,000 goal. If you would like to donate to Sophia’s campaign, you can do so by clicking here!

Editorial Note: Early reports claimed the girl’s name to be Sophia Wilanski. This article has corrected the spelling of her last name, which is Wilansky. 

Sunday night law enforcement used the most brutal techniques against water protectors at Standing Rock that we have seen up to this point. Those opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline were sprayed down with water cannons in below freezing temperatures.

Law enforcement claimed the water cannons were not being used against the water protectors, livestream video from the area showed that to be a lie, despite several mainstream media networks using Morton County Sheriff’s Department’s narrative.

Along with the water cannons, a large amount of tear gas was used on the crowd, along with rubber bullets and concussion grenades. The total count of people injured was reportedly almost 200. One man was hit in the head with a non-lethal round that split his head open. At least a dozen people had to go to the hospital.

One woman in specific may have had her life changed forever. Sophia Wilansky may lose her arm after she was struck by what is thought to be a concussion grenade. The graphic images were posted to Facebook showing the severity of the woman’s wound. The images show that Wilansky’s arm has significant damage from the projectile that hit her. In the last image, you can clearly see the woman’s bone.





Wilansky is reportedly at a hospital in Minneapolis. It has not been confirmed that she will have to face amputation, but for the time being, it is a real possibility.

Human rights have been a concern for all those standing against the Dakota Access, but last night those concerns were pushed to a new level. Not only were the officers carelessly firing non-lethal weapons into a large crowd, they were spraying that crowd down with water in 23-degree weather. Medics in the area were doing everything they could to prevent hypothermia from setting in.

To add insult to injury, law enforcement took the main thing these people are fighting for and turned it into a weapon to use against them. To think that water protectors were attacked with water in the freezing cold shows just how heartless the law enforcement in the area really is.

On Sunday afternoon, peaceful water protectors went to Blackwater Bridge to remove two burnt vehicles off of the bridge. The vehicles have been used as a barricade by law enforcement for weeks. It was a peaceful gesture that was met with severe oppression and violence from law enforcement.



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