Skyla Rose Loesch Goes Viral After Bragging About Her Abortion


Skla Rose Loesch went viral on Wednesday after posting a series of posts bragging about an abortion she claims to have had on Tuesday

  • Loesch posted a picture of her sonogram on Tuesday with a caption that ended with the hashtag #Abortion

  • In another post Loesch said she was excited to be able to drink on her 21st birthday since she is not pregnant

  • Loesch’s original post has been shared over 10,000 times since being posted on Tuesday

Update: Loesch reached out to The Daily Haze to inform us that “All you are doing is getting shit from people running their mouth from the internet. Which is lame as fuck. Either take that shit down, change your article and actually have yo damn facts or I’mma sue your ass.” While Loesch did not make it clear what facts are missing from the article, she did make it clear that we are “dumb as fuck.”

Since the article was released Loesch made two posts where she stated she was not seven months pregnant, she was only seven weeks. Her viral abortion was also only her second abortion, not her fourth. Her first abortion was posted to her Facebook on June 19 in the same style as her recent post that has gone viral. However, her last post did not receive the same viral attention.

There are a few topics that people never have and appear never will be able to come to a universal agreeance, one of which being the topic of abortion. Recently Skyla Rose Loesch went viral on Facebook for basically celebrating her abortion.

On Tuesday, Loesch posted a picture of a sonogram that started with the words, “Baby, I loved you with all my heart but you just weren’t meant to be with us right now.” The post goes on to say that it was not the child’s time to be with their family. It ends with the dates, “11/4/18-12/11/18” and the hashtag “#Abortion.”

Baby, I loved you with all my heart but you just weren’t meant to be with us right now. We’re going through a lot and you deserved all the love in the world. Your brother and sister would’ve loved you too. Rest Easy baby love. You’ll never be forgotten. 💔 11/4/18-12/11/18 👶👼 #Abortion

Loesch’s post received a mixed response of hate for her having an abortion and respect for believing she was not responsible enough to bring another child into the world. A large chunk of the support Loesch was receiving appears to have been lost with some of her following posts.

About 15 hours after her initial post, Loesch made another that read, “Living👏 My👏 Best👏 Life👏.” While some began questioning her post, for the most part, some could understand where the young mother was coming from. After all, being 20-years-old and already having two children then expecting a third most likely placed an unwanted burden of stress on Loesch that her abortion had lifted.

Four hours later, Loesch made another post. One that lost the respect and support of many. In the post she bragged that since she was not pregnant she would be able to get drunk on a birthday. In three months Loesch turns 21.

My 21st birthday is in 3 months & since I’m not pregnant anymore that means I CAN FINALLY DRINK ON MY B-DAY. 💅💯

In her most recent post, Loesch was patting herself on the back for being the face for abortion that women didn’t know they wanted or needed. Loesch says it “feels good to know I’m helping people with their decisions on Abortion and helping them no they aren’t alone in this world.” Apparently, Loesch is unaware of the countless abortion support groups around the country that bring a bit more tasteful practice to the table.

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Not only am I proud of my Abortion post, I’m proud that different females messaged me and told me that they’re happy I posted my experience because not many females have the courage to talk about it on social media because they know they’d get hate like I am right now. It feels good to know I’m helping people with their decisions on Abortion and helping them know that they aren’t alone in this world and that they will have SUPPORT. Please, if any of you women have any more questions about Abortion you can always message me! ❤💜❤💜

While people cannot publicly comment on Loesch’s posts unless you are her friend, looking at the reactions to her posts gives an idea of how the majority of people are actually perceiving her posts as compared to Loesch’s claims. For example, in her initial post — which has over 10,000 shares — 544 people have liked it, 708 have hit the “wow”, 717 people have hit the laugh, 790 gave a heart react, 1,200 gave a sad face, and 5,400 people have used the angry reaction. If you look at what people are saying when sharing her original post, it is not the pretty picture Loesch claims.

In reality Loesch’s posts are doing more harm than good. Pro-lifers will use this as ammo in their argument that people are getting abortions just because, which in return hurts the pro-choice crowd that do not celebrate abortions and already have an uphill fight in front of them. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the majority of people seem to agree that celebrating your abortion on Facebook may not be the best idea.



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